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Hearing Loss Warning Signs

Hearing loss usually comes in a gradual manner. Some common signs of hearing loss are pain or ringing...

Beltone True

The technology powering True hearing instruments also lets you
“go wireless”.

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Beltone has taken pride in serving patients for over 70 years. The Beltone network strives to...

What our patients have to say about us:

In 2010 I was introduced to the new True technology with a TV remote and phone link. With these hearing aids my husband and I can now watch TV at a comfortable level for both of us. In the past it had always been a painful experience. I was always watching just a few shows with the family.

With the new True hearing aid I now have a Blue Tooth that does not hang on the outside of my ear which I always considered to be unfashionable. There are many wonderful features but these were the selling points for me.

Thanks to the great team at Beltone, I am a satisfied customer. I have introduced two of my friends to these products and services. Together we continue to hear and enjoy more of life.
M. L. Maury , Augusta, GA
We are pleased with our Beltone experience. Their service is wonderful! They really do care about your hearing loss and you, as a customer. Our encounter with the Lawrenceville office has been a meaningful one for us.

M. Ruth had a bad experience with another brand of hearing aids. “ I have worn hearing aids since 1998, but still could not hear well”. I felt “stopped up”. We saw a Beltone ad in the newspaper and decided to see if that would help me. Paul was tested for hearing loss, also. He needed one hearing aid.

We both are now wearing digital behind the ear hearing aids. We are pleased with the clarity we are now getting. There are other amenities that come with this type of hearing aid. One is the remote that Mary Ruth uses for HEARING television. Thank you Beltone for the new advances you are making for us, who need your help in hearing.
P. & M.R. Parham, Augusta, GA
I started wearing Beltones 20 years ago, and have tried other brands. However, I came back to Beltone because no other brand could compare. I am now hearing better than I ever have.
Vickie C., Hephzibah, GA
I’ve purchased 4 sets of hearing aids from Beltone over the years. The technology just keeps getting better. My newest ones are convenient and easy to use and I love using the wireless remote to watch TV without the volume being too loud for anyone else. I can hear the TV now, I can enjoy conversations and I can hear in church.
L. Stephenson, Augusta, GA
I was nervous about getting hearing aids, but I could not believe how easy it was to get use to my Beltones. I am doing great!
Lucy P., Augusta, GA

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